Folk Horror Revival is a gathering place to share and discuss Folk Horror in film, TV, books, art, music, events and other media. We also explore psychogeography, hauntology, folklore, cultural rituals and costume, earth mysteries, archaic history, hauntings, Southern Gothic, ‘landscapism / visionary naturalism & geography’, backwoods, murder ballads, carnivalia, dark psychedelia, wyrd Forteana and other strange edges.

While most of the discussion  takes place on the Folk Horror Revival Facebook group this site is intended to be a store of information and resources for those revivalists who wish to travel on their own for a spell.

New visitors should first read Andy Paciorek’s introductory essay, From the Forests, Fields and Furrows, and then the FHR FAQ. Adepts may find the links to Further Resources of use.


12 thoughts on “Welcome…

  1. Can I make an inquiry here regarding a horror tv show from the 1970’s? The show was called, “The Evil Touch” I believe. Australian made production with Anthony Quayle as a narrator. Does anyone remember that?



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