FHR Accomplices (or The Order of the Double Denim)

In Honour of Services to Folk Horror Revival and in recognition of some of the FHR group’s special followers …
Arise  Sirs and Dames, Lads and Lasses … You are now recognised as being ODD (Order of the Double Denim … )

fhr hon

The Extra Special Cult of FHR Honourary Consultants

Adam Scovell of The Celluloid Wickerman

Chris Lambert of the Black Meadow

Bob Fischer of the Haunted Generation  BBC Radio Tees

Andy Sharp of English Heretic


The Sect of Honourary Associates

Sharron Krauss

Bob Beagrie

David Southwell of Hookland

Elaine Edmunds of Decadent Drawing

Shirley Collins

James Riley & Yvonne Salmon of The Alchemical Landscape

Reece Shearsmith of The League of Gentlemen Inside No. 9

Paul Guernsey of the Ghost Story

Robert Curran (Dr Bob)

Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band

Jonas Halsall of Tyrant

Susan Cooper

Gary Lachman

Pat Mills

Gail-Nina Anderson

Ashley Thorpe director of Borley Rectory

A Year in the Country

Candia McKormack of Inkubus Sukkubus

John Linwood Grant

Rebecca Denniff

Iain Sinclair

Matt Wingett

George Firth

The Swan and Three Cygnets – Durham

Geraldine and Bali Beskin of Atlantis

George Cromack

Sally-Anne Huxtable

Steve Cannell of the Midnight Mugs

Steffy Von-Scott of The Pagan Federation: Scotland

Andrew Pattenden of Hare and Tabor

Kit Lewis of The Fear in the Fens

Neil Snowdon

Mark Goodall director of Holy Terrors

Erin Sorrey of Glass Coffin

Eolith Designs

Hannah Gilbert

Stephen Volk

Piers Haggard

Spectral Times

Christina Oakley Harrington of Treadwells

Ramsey Campbell

Murdo Eason

Christopher Josiffe & Gef the talking mongoose

Andy Roberts

Fortean Times

Tim Turnbull

Stephen Brotherstone & Dave Lawrence of Scarred for Life

Pongo the Skunk

Miji Yoon

Adam Nevill

Louse Mitchell

The Mother of Crows,

Leásungspell: A Fool’s Tale

La Rosa Hotel – Whitby


Pye Corner Audio

Esk Audio Ltd

The Soulless Party,

The Psychogeographical Commission,

Ian Rankin,

Ghost Box

Folklore Tapes,

The Whitby Bookshop,

The Flash Mummer’s Play


Alan Lee

A Year in the Country

John Coulthart

Richard Freeman

Kat Peach & Matt Peach

The Met Lounge & Ballroom – Whitby

The Hepworth Wakefield

Pagan Dawn

Andrew Mc Guigan of Cumbrian Cthulhu


Lintons Printers

The Star & Shadow

Robert McFarlane

Diane Purkiss

Eamon Byers of A Fiend in the Furrows

Cat Irving

Steve Toase

Sarah Dean

The Hare and The Moon

Mortlake Bookclub

Philip Pullman

Johnny Trunk

Melmoth the Wanderer

Richard Littler of Scarfolk Council

Drew Mullholland of Mount Vernon Arts Lab

Karl Shuker

Viktor Wynd @ The Last Tuesday Society

Steve Toase

Kier-La Janisse

Kat Ellinger

The Black Swan -York

Howard Ingham of Room 207

Rusty Shears – Whitby

Nick Brown

Nathalie Sterne


Tom Oldham and Nathaniel Metcalf of the Folk Horror Film Club

Roger Linney

Becca Thorne


Severin films

Drawing Out the Spirits vodcast

Wyrd Britain

Sara Hannant

Gail Nina-Anderson

Centre for Contemporary Legend

Cambridge University

Durham University

Sheffield Hallam University

Fortean Times

Professor Ronald Hutton

Michelle Coverley

The Unthanks

Professor Ravelhofer

Diane Rodgers

Edward Parnell of Ghostland

Al Ridenour of Bone & Sickle

Mackenzie Crook

Burd Ellen

Benjamin Myers of The Gallows Pole

Robert Eggers

Richard Wells

Sarah Steele of Ebor Jet

Big Hogg

Maria J Perez Cuervo of Hellebore

Hetty and Betty’s – Whitby

The Shining Levels

Will Self

Scarlett Amaris

Melissa Saint-Hillaire

Julianne Regan

Lauri Löytökoski

Storm Chorus

Katherine Blake of Mediaeval Baebes

James Marsh

Paul Wright

Phil Rickman

Teri Windling

Maps of the Lost

Peter Kennedy

Fen and Furrow

Dee Dee Chainey & Willow Winsham of Folklore Thursday


The Chapter of The Choir Invisible

In Memoriam ~

Robin Hardy

Nigel Kneale

Michael Reeves

Christopher Lee of Summerisle

Rick Parfitt of The Double Denim

Peter Vaughan

John Hurt

Peter Firmin & Oliver Postgate

Benjamin Christansen

Arthur Machen

Algernon Blackwood

WB Yeats

Austin Osman Spare

Geoffrey Bayldon the Crowman of Catweazle

Nicky Henson

Albert Finney

Jonathan Miller

Clive Swift

Peter Fonda

Robert Aickman