Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies

By Various Authors
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Paperback, 550 Pages

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A new and revised edition of the seminal tome Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies, with additional content and improved design.

Featuring essays and interviews by many great cinematic, musical, artistic and literary talents, Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies is the most comprehensive and engaging exploration to date of the sub genre of Folk Horror and associated fields in cinema, television, music, art, culture and folklore. Includes contributions by Kim Newman, Robin Hardy, Thomas Ligotti, Philip Pullman, Gary Lachman and many many more.

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Full contents ~

  • Foreword & Disclaimer
  • Folk Horror: From the Forests, Fields and Furrows – An Introduction by Andy Paciorek
  • Subtle Magic and the Thrill of The Wicker Man by Sharron Kraus
  • An Interview with Kim Newman.
  • Public Information Films: Play Safe by Grey Malkin
  • An Interview With Philip Pullman
  • Hysteria and Curses in Nigel Kneale’s ‘Baby’ (Beasts 1976) by Adam Scovell
  • An Interview with Paul Rumsey
  • The Green Children of the Woolpits by Karl Shuker.
  • Sacred Demons: The Dramatic Art of David Rudkin by John Coulthart
  • The Last Broadcast by Rich Blackett
  • Folklore and the River: A Reflection on Davis Grubb’s The Night of the Hunter by Stephen Canner
  • Quatermass II (Nigel Kneale): The Fears of the Outsider Within the Landscape by Adam Scovell
  • An Interview with Gary Lachman
  • Weird Americana by Andy Paciorek
  • An Interview with Julia Jeffrey
  • The Wanderings of Melmoth by Jim Peters
  • The Traditional Jack in the Green by Chris Walton
  • Ghosts, Landscape and Science by Nick Brown
  • An Interview with Dr. Bob Curran
  • The Music of The Cremator and Morgiana by Grey Malkin
  • One Small Step for Man: Hunting the Nephilim by Cobweb Mehers
  • A Paen to Peter Vaughan by Andy Paciorek
  • Other Thoughts, Other Voices: Cults, Hive Minds and a New Philosophy of Horror in the Work of John Wyndham by Daniel Pietersen
  • The Haunted Landscape of Brian Eno: Ambient 4. On Land by Adam Scovell
  • Srpski Vampir by Lauri Löytökoski
  • The Primrose Sloop of War by Chris Bond
  • Phantasms of the Floating World: Tales of Ghostly Japan by Andy Paciorek
  • The Folk Horror of Doctor Who by Adam Scovell
  • Colin Wilson: Reflections on an Outsider by Gary Lachman
  • Morgaine Art by Karen Hilder
  • An Interview with Andrew McGuigan : Cumbrian Cthulhu
  • Paul Ferris: Witchfinder General Soundtrack Review by Grey Malkin
  • An Interview with Thomas Ligotti by Neddal Ayad
  • `Just That Little Bit Dark, Haunting and Dramatic’: An Introduction to The Hare and the Moon by Jim Peters & Grey Malkin
  • An Interview with Dr Simon Young – The Fairy Investigation Society
  • Nordic Twilight: Scandinavian Horror by Andy Paciorek
  • ‘See Ye Not That Bonny Road?’ Places, Haunts and Haunted Places in British Traditional Song by Clare Button
  • Kill Lists: The occult, paganism and sacrifice in cinema as an analogy for political upheaval in the 1970s and the 2010s by Aaron Jolly
  • M.R. James: The Presence of More Formidable Visitants by Jim Moon
  • An Interview With Drew Mullholland
  • Albion’s Children: The Golden Age of British Supernatural Youth Drama by Andy Paciorek
  • The Sacred Theatre of Summerisle by John Harrigan
  • All you Ever Knew About Vampires Is Wrong: A Transcript of a Fortean Meeting Talk by Tina Rath
  • An Interview With Robin Hardy
  • The Haunted Fields of England: Diabolical Landscapes and the Genii Locorum by Phil Legard
  • Hell’s Angel Blake – An Annotated Guide to a Coven at Bix by Andy Sharp
  • The Old Hag Phenomenon by Jasmine Gould
  • The Olde World Mythology Behind Saurimonde by Scarlett Amaris & Melissa St. Hilaire
  • Unearthing Forgotten Horrors by Darren Charles
  • An Arthurian Antichrist: Alternate Readings of Kill List by Andy Paciorek
  • Darkness, Beauty, Fear and Wonder: Exploring the Grotesque and Fantastical World of Czech Folk Horror by Kat Ellinger
  • The Rye-Wolf and the Tit-Wife: Tales of Ergotism by Andy Paciorek
  • Folk Horror and the Virtual Demiurge – Making False Trails – How Lies Can Be Used to Create New Folklore by Chris Lambert
  • The (Un)Silent World: Communing with the Dead by Andy Paciorek
  • An Interview with Al Ridenour
  • Women of Power and Justice: Witches in Folk Horror Movies by Judika Illes
  • An Interview with Pat Mills
  • New Religous Movements in American Folk Horror cinema and TV by Howard David Ingham
  • An Interview With Alan Lee
  • An Interview with Susan Cooper
  • An Interview with Paul Koudounaris
  • The Last Laugh:  The Comedic Nature of Folk Horror by Andy Paciorek