Lulu Discount Vouchers

Lulu, the company who print and distribute the Wyrd Harvest books, often release short-running discount vouchers for their products. This can be a good way to get the best deal without reducing the amount of money that our chosen charities receive.

You can check for current deals here, but some codes are only sent to registered members of the Lulu site. We will try and post these deals as we see them!

  • New from Wyrd Harvest Press


    This Game of Strangers by Bob Beagrie and Jane Burn (+ various photographers)


    Prepare to taste the worm in the golden apple of Camelot as the evocative poets Jane Burn and Bob Beagrie peer behind castle walls and uncover the soiled sheets of the romance / betrayal of Lancelot and Guinevere. Slipping seamlessly from the lyrical to the modern, Bob and Jane draw us in like voyeurs to the clandestine passion and sometimes mundane (though always rich in language) details of the love affair between the most beloved of the legendary king. Prepare to read the classic tale of romance and bewitchment as it has never been told before. Illustrated throughout with atmospheric photography by several great artists.

    Available from –…/this-…/paperback/product-23170461.html

    North by Tim Turnbull and Phil Breach (+ various photographers)


    The eloquent words of two poets brought forth from the land, the lodestone and lodestar. All roads lead here. Join Tim Turnbull and Phil Breach as through poetry, prose and the atmospheric imagery of great photographers,they explore and invoke the physical and emotional landscapes. Head North my friends and don’t look back.

    Available from –…/phil-breach-and-tim-turnbull/north/pa…

     *NOTE: 15% discount on all Wyrd Harvest Press books. (The more you buy the more you save) just enter code LULU15 at checkout at

    100% of sales profits from Wyrd Harvest Press books are charitably donated to different Environmental, Conservation and Community projects undertaken by the Wildlife Trusts.

  • Wyrd Harvest Press: Mayday book discount


    Sumer is a’cumin in … Beltain with 15% off Wyrd Harvest Press books.
    100% of sales profits are charitably donated to The Wildlife Trusts environmental conservation projects.

    Just use code LULU15 at checkout at

    Offer valid through May 1st.

  • Wyrd Harvest Press: Charity Donation Poll


    On the Autumn Equinox (September 22) we will again donate 100% of  sales profits from our books to the Wildlife Trusts. Please choose the project below you would like to vote for (write name in comments box below or vote via the pinned post on our Facebook Group.)

    We will split donation between the two projects with most votes.
    To see more details of the Wildlife Trusts’ projects or to make a direct donation please visit –

    Choose from ~

    Badger Vaccination Project

    Save Rare Butterflies

    Keep Beavers in the Wild

    Protect Nesting Ospreys

    HS2 Wildlife in Crisis

    Save Blackhouse Woods

    Crayfish in Crisis

    Help Heathland Birds

    Great Fen Project

    The Living Landscape


    100% of profits from FHR / Wyrd Harvest Press books sold are charitably donated at intervals to different environmental, wildlife and community projects undertaken by the Wildlife Trusts.

    Titles currently available (more in planning production )-

    Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies – Featuring essays and interviews by many great cinematic, musical, artistic and literary talents, Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies is the most comprehensive and engaging exploration to date of the sub genre of Folk Horror and associated fields in cinema, television, music, art, culture and folklore. Includes contributions by Kim Newman, Robin Hardy, Thomas Ligotti, Philip Pullman, Gary Lachman and many many more. 100% of all profits from sales of the book will be charitably donated to environmental, wildlife and community projects undertaken by The Wildlife Trusts.

    Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads –  An epic collection of spellbinding poetry, focusing on folk horror, life, death and the eeriness of the landscape by many creative talents both living and departed. Accompanied throughout with atmospheric imagery by an impressive collection of contemporary photographers. 100% of sales profits from this book are charitably donated to The Wildlife Trusts


    The Carnival of Dark Dreams by Dr Bob Curran & Andy Paciorek – Welcome to The Carnival of Dark Dreams. A visual daytrip into the depths of the jungle, the sands of the desert, to many haunted habitats and worse still into the darkness of the human imagination. But fear not, for captured, caged and presented for your curiosity by Dr. Bob Curran and Mr. Andy Paciorek are some of the most deadly, grotesque, fearsome entities of world folklore. Roll up Roll up for the fright of your lives. Dare you visit The Carnival of Dark Dreams???

    Note: Enter code THEBIG30 at checkout and receive 30% off the cover price. Coupon expires Sep 19th. Coupon codes are CASE-SENSITIVE. Click “Apply” after entering the coupon code. (Before committing to buy, ensure your country is selected at the top of the site, to ensure domestic shipping.)

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