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Folk Horror Revival Administrators  –

Darren Charles:  email –                                    FHR Chief. Events Line-up Manager. Music Projects Manager. FHR Public Speaker.

Andy Paciorek: email                                          FHR Creator. Wyrd Harvest Press (WHP) Editor. WHP / FHR Art Director.  Urban Wyrd Project Manager. Book Reviewer. FHR Public Speaker.

Kt Mehers:  email –

FHR Emporium Chief. Merchandise & Event Administration Manager.

Richard Hing: tweet at  –

Twitter Manager. Wyrd Harvest Press Editor. Goodreads Moderator.

Grey Malkin:

Instagram Manager.  Wyrd Harvest Press Editor.

Paul Beech:
Podcast Reviews Manager

Brian Gomien:
FHR Creative Challenge Manager email:


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Cobweb Mehers: FHR Facebook Group Chief Administrator. FHR Artist / Designer -Events

Jim Peters: Harvest Hymns Manager. Spotify Manager.

Stu Silvanus: Psychogeography Consultant. Urban Wyrd Co-editor.

Jackie Taylor:  Tumblr Manager.

Carmit Kordov : Tumblr Manager.

Scott Lyall: Reviews and Blog Submission Manager. Music Consultant.

John Pilgrim: Interviews / Talking in Tongues Assistant.

Rich Blackett:  Podcast Development Manager. IMDB Manager. YouTube Manager.

John Chadwick: Event Meet & Greet.  Media Promotion & Production.

Caroline Wise: Goddess Project Manager. FHR / WHP advisor.

Peter Lagan: FHR FB Group Security and Promotions Manager.

Gary Parsons: Occult Consultant. Events Consultant.

Julia Jeffrey: Art Consultant.

FHR FB Group Adminstrators –
Andri Anna. Phil Breach. Harri Pitkaniemi. Paolo Sammut. Tim Turnbull.

Dan Hunt: Technical Support. Blog Creator.

Stephen Stannard: Goodreads Moderator