Harvest Book 1 & 2

Written by: Julian Payne & Zoe Elkins

Artwork by: Julian Payne

Pyjama Cardinal Comics

“Harvest” tells the story of Greta who returns to her small village after graduating university. Unemployed and running out of options made more difficult with strained family relations and past trauma. She finds herself rudderless in the world and hovers between ambition and anesthetizing herself with booze but finds some welcome guidance and support from local bar owner Aggie and her son Sam. As Greta begins to feel some solace in being needed and appreciated memories of the terrible death of her father start to unfold. This renews her feelings of despair made acute by more horrible mysteries of the past being revealed.

The story takes its time in letting the reader become more intimate with the characters and environment but quickens in pace and becomes darker by the middle. There are twists throughout showing strong storytelling that will not disappoint fans of folk horror & slice of life alike.

The artwork is cinematic in its approach reflecting the cadence of the story. Payne is very mindful of a less is more style and a growth of technique is evident throughout the story hinting at even better things to come in upcoming efforts.

All in all I highly recommend this title and look forward to seeing more from them.

Brian Gomien


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