The Wick – support an exciting new Folk Horror production.


Set in the early 19th century in rural England, ‘The Wick’ is a tale of deceit and persecution of a woman who fights for justice against a lawless witch hunter.

We are a team of independent filmmakers, creating a short film about witch trials with strong themes of radicalization and the oppressive persecution of women. A period drama inspired by true events, set in a time when these practices were illegal but still continued.


The story unfolds seventy-three years after witch trials were banned in the U.K. When Esther, a known herbal healer in a small close knit community, witnesses her friends murder at the hands of a lawless witch hunter, she finds herself entangled in a dangerous web of deceit, blind ignorance and superstition. We track Esther’s head on collision into this dark world and her realization that things clearly need to change. We follow her journey of attempting to put an end to the ignorance and barbarity of these outdated beliefs. This is a universal and timely story of a strong woman, striving for justice and fighting for the rights of the underrepresented and the misunderstood.


Currently, we are in pre-production and raising money for our film. We launched our crowdfunder to help realise our dream but that now has just 8 days left….Christmas Eve 24th USA time is when its finishing… 8am morning of Christmas day in the UK. It will have been on for 60 days in total. We have raised nearly £2,500 on the campaign and we have also £3,000 private donations outside of the campaign. Ideally, we would like to get £2,000 more as we have found a fantastic location recently, which would be ideal, but it costs £200 per hour and we would need to be there for a day’s shoot.

We have a team of talented individuals that are passionate about the subjects we are aiming to bring to light. To this day, countless numbers of people are still being accused of witchcraft and persecuted around the world. They have no rights, no voice and are condemned by misguided beliefs. Just last month, a seventy three year old woman in Peru was burnt at the stake for being branded a ‘Witch’. This is why we feel our story needs to be told today.


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