The Wyrd Kalendar – The May Mix

It’s May. It’s May! The Lusty Month of May!

Join us on the Kalendar Heath as we revel and dance. Caper around the maypole with Sweet Young Auntie May (the subject of this month’s reading from the Wyrd Kalendar (out in October).

We are joined in our May time celebration by Magnet, The Hare and the Moon, Steeleye Span, Led Zeppelin, Nick Drake, Children of Alice, Fairport Convention, Dead Can Dance, Mediaeval Babes, Molly Drake, Magpie Lane, David Cain, Air, The Divine Comedy, Blue Oyster Cult, Belle and Sebastian, Arcade Fire, Bee Gees, Vanessa Redgrave, Canterbury Fair and Killing Joke.

“May Pole” is read by Freya Lambert.

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