Folk Horror Revival Young Artist of The Month

The Folk Horror Revival Young Artist of The Month is an award for children under 12 years old. Many of our group members come from an arts background and so we’d like to encourage and inspire the next generation too.
We don’t mind if the work is based on other artists work as we understand that all artists learn from copying, plus its great to see the inspiration behind the work. Drawings, paintings or any other medium are welcome. The drawings must be inspired by either folk horror, folk tales (including fairy tales), folk traditions, ghost stories, magic, myth, legend or even the seasons.

Every month we will be giving away a copy of Sharron Krauss’ book Hares in The Moonlight(published by Wyrd Harvest Press) to our favourite artist. For more information about this great book, please follow the following link:

The winner will be announced during the last week of every month and will be judged by Folk Horror Revival administrators John Chadwick and Chris Lambert.

Please don’t worry if the entry is submitted on the last few days of the month as all entries will roll into the following month if they arrive after our decision making.

Submit all entries digitally, as a .jpg file preferably, to fhryoungartistawards.

Best of luck!