New Year Horrors 2020 – Order of the Double Denim

fhr hon

In Honour of Services to Folk Horror Revival and in recognition of some of the FHR group’s special followers …
Arise  Sirs and Dames, Lads and Lasses … You are now recognised as being ODD (Order of the Double Denim … )

Professor Ronald Hutton

Michelle Coverley

The Unthanks

Professor Ravelhofer

Diane Rodgers

Edward Parnell of Ghostland

Al Ridenour of Bone & Sickle

Mackenzie Crook

Burd Ellen

Benjamin Myers of The Gallows Pole

Robert Eggers

Dee Dee Chainey & Willow Winsham of Folklore Thursday

Richard Wells

Sarah Steele of Ebor Jet

Big Hogg

Maria J Perez Cuervo of Hellebore

Hetty and Betty’s – Whitby

The Shining Levels

Will Self

Scarlett Amaris

Melissa Saint-Hillaire

Julianne Regan

Lauri Löytökoski

Storm Chorus

Katherine Blake of Mediaeval Baebes

James Marsh

Paul Wright

Phil Rickman

Teri Windling

Maps of the Lost

Peter Kennedy

Fen and Furrow


The Chapter of The Choir Invisible

In Memoriam ~

Nicky Henson

Albert Finney

Jonathan Miller

Clive Swift

Peter Fonda

Robert Aickman

To see the full list of the ODD so far ~


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