Podcast Spotlight: Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees.

Boglins and Boggarts! Fire breathing dogs and hairy hands in the fog! Welcome all to this week’s Folk Horror Revival podcast spotlight. This week we head into the mountains of Wales where Journalist and writer Mark Rees presents his very own podcast about its haunted landscape. 

Mark is a journalist that has been covering the Welsh arts for many years now. His work appears in many publications and he has even had his own work adapted to the stage in the form of a play called Phantoms that was based on his writing. He has also written a few books. A few of which should be of particular interest to us here and they are Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian archives, The A-Z of Curious Wales and Paranormal Wales. His next book will be about Welsh folklore and is titled Illustrated Tales of Wales and will be available in 2021. As if that isn’t enough though he also hosts Ghosts of Wales- Live! An evening of all things paranormal and Welsh. Sounds good to me! 

 The podcast itself is a great lighthearted look at everything that goes bump in the night, or day, in Wales. I am only nine episodes in but so far we have two headed phantoms, ghostly dogs, a strange and possibly paranormal statue, abusive ghosts and an entertaining episode about hoaxes. There is lots of information packed into each episode as Mark clearly does a lot of research and has a lot of extra background information to expand on the subjects. He dedicated the whole of October to Welsh Halloween related tales and he looks to be doing the same for December. I saw an episode dedicated to the Folk Horror Revival’s favorite horse; the Mari Lwyd and another on the tradition that everyone could do with more of. The ghost story for Christmas Eve. 

Well there isn’t much more to add except for saying that I enjoyed it. I look forward to listening to more and I recommend giving it a listen.


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