Melmoth the Wanderer – Folk Horror Mixes

Shadow master and guardian of the weird and wayward, Melmoth wanders the outer reaches of The Field Bazaar collecting sounds, snatches of spoken word and music that seems as old as the timeworn paths he treads. When the burden of these sounds becomes too much for our devout and religious miscreant he visits the insomniacs and those truly alone offering his harvest as comfort from the silence.

The Melmoth the Wanderer mixes are the result of these nocturnal visits to their creator by Jim Peters – a self-confessed Audio Relic Hunter locked into the sounds of the night, the light and the half-light.

`I’m pretty jealous of the vibe that Melmoth creates, and it’s as if Halloween is every day (only with more nightmares and less Pokemon masks)….Melmoth has caused me to delve past the music to try and find the information behind the music, search the artists, and figure out why and how they created what they did. All while wearing goose bumps. I would have to say that Melmoth’s music is not for the casual listener, and that’s a very good thing. Every mix demands your attention and your mental focus as it urges you to wrestle with your uprising innermost fear.

This is music that chooses to invoke a reaction. These mixes get better every time I hear them, and like anything meaningful create a good story along the way. Melmoth will get a reaction, rest assured. Enjoy the fear, my friends.’ – Ambient-transmissions.blogspot

Melmoth also has a presence on Facebook.