The Constant University

The Constant University is an erratically updated repository for the weird fiction, poetry and photography of FHR admin Dan Hunt. The stories held within are less about telling a narrative than building a world and, in the same way that the inhabitants of our own world dream their dreams independently of one another, these fragments are of a whole yet separate.

I remember how it started, lined up tightly in the alleys and closes across the road. It was early morning. I was cold. Water trickled down from a leaking gutter, splashing onto my jerkin. The Ballivo made some kind of speech. I didn’t understand much of it apart from ‘charge’ and we pushed forward to storm the gates. The old locks splintered easily under the hammers of the leading men and we tumbled through, onto the boulevard.

And that’s when it all went so horribly, horribly wrong…

This is a place of bustling markets and haunted libraries, of sewers that teem with rustling things, of distant lights in fog, of murder, of sorrow and of half-human howls echoing over endless moors.