Folk Horror Revival Spotify Playlist

Folk Horror is a beast without definition – it is a personal understanding and reaction by the participant to a multitude of different creations that all appear touched with tinges of the supernatural, the folkloric and the shadowy side of our past and landscape.

The music of Folk Horror is a very difficult `genre’ to quantify being as it is itself a non-genre. The music that is considered Folk Horror has become so due to its subject matter, its atmospheres, instrumentation and inspiration – inviting individual tracks from Acid Folk, Hauntology, Traditional Folk Music, Soundtracks, Psychedelic, Ambient, Drone, Murder Ballads, Classical and Electronica to join the Folk Horror fold.

This playlist was initially created by Jim Peters for his personal listening pleasure but has now become an ever-growing collection of tracks suggested by members of the Folk Horror Revival group. It is now curated by Jim and is becoming more diverse, educating and entertaining with every recommendation from the group.

The quest continues to create the ultimate Folk Horror playlist…..come join us – from the forest, from the furrows, from the field….



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