FHR Website Header – Submissions

The Folk Horror genre is teeming with powerful imagery, stark visions that press into the viewer’s mind, and we want the FHR website to present this imagery as clearly as possible. To accomplish this, in part, we use the site’s header function as a gallery of images taken from across the genre…and we want you to help build this gallery by submitting new images.

In order to submit an image for use as part of the FHR website’s header gallery, please follow the instructions below:

  • Images must be 1280 × 426 pixels, preferably at a resolution of 300 dpi and in jpg format, and must take the Folk Horror Revival ‘black box’ title into consideration. Images not submitted in this format will be disregarded,
    • To help with this, a header template is available. Please do not include the black box title in your submission as this is added by the website code.
  • Images should reflect the Folk Horror aesthetic but can be anything from film stills to your own, custom work.
    • When submitting images based on previously existing work please provide details of where the image was sourced from.
    • For custom work, please feel free to add a small copyright/attribution notice. All work will remain your copyright and can be removed upon request.
  • To submit a header for consideration, please upload it to a storage area (Dropbox, Flickr, googledrive etc) and post the link, plus details on the image’s source, in the comments below.
  • Suitable images will be uploaded to the header gallery and presented to website visitors randomly.

An example of one of our header images, taken from the film A Field In England, is shown below (and linked fullsize here). This adheres to the format requirements and is aligned so that the black box title doesn’t obscure the main image.



9 thoughts on “FHR Website Header – Submissions

  1. A trio of cropped film stills for potential use:

    ‘Dikaya okhota korolya Stakha’ [The Savage Hunt of King Stakh] – dir. Valeri Rubinchik; Byelerussian SSR, 1979:

    ‘L’arcano incantatore’ [‘Arcane Sorcerer’] – Italy, 1996; dir. Pupi Avati:

    ‘La papesse’ [‘A Woman Possessed’] – France, 1975; dir. Mario Mercier:

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