The Carnival is coming …

Wyrd Harvest Press are happy to announce that it will be publishing ‘The Carnival of Dark Dreams’ written by Dr Bob Curran (Walking With the Green Man. The Dark Spirit: Sinister Portraits from Celtic Folklore. Vampires: A Field Guide to the Creatures That Stalk the Night and many others) and illustrated by Andy Paciorek (Strange Lands: A Field Guide to the Celtic Otherworld. The Human Chimaera: Sideshow Prodigies and Other Exceptional People). Presented as Victorian Sideshow paraphernalia, The Carnival of Dark Dreams is a fully illustrated introduction to some of the strangest and most sinister entities and creatures of world folklore.

100% of book sales profits will be donated to The Wildlife Trusts

Everybody loves a carnival. They are full of strange and exotic things – a collection of fabulous items and creatures that the customer can’t see anywhere else and which offer both amazement and delight. No wonder people are queuing to pay at the show’s tent flap for it’s an exciting and colourful time when the carnival rolls into your locality.

Our Carnival is different. Rather than gathering together creatures and beings of mystery and wonder, we have brought together some of the things that make up the stuff of your worst nightmares. Here are creatures that you hoped you might never meet – you may not know their names but you know they exist These are the beings which haunted your childhood nights and which now linger somewhere in the back of your adult mind, to leap out and terrify you when you least expect it. Here are dreadful beings and monstrosities from all parts of the world – from mysterious China to the Caribbean. Some say that the creatures here are no more than legend or folklore and not of the rational mind, but step inside and see if you don’t think differently. Lift the corner of a sheet which covers an exhibit display and see if you don’t confront your darkest dream. As in the everyday carnival, you will never see anything like this anywhere else for our exhibits are both esoteric and unique For this Carnival, it’s better to stay indoors with door locked and the blinds down when it rolls into town.

So if your nerves can stand it – step this way. Look into the darkest areas that the human mind can offer and prepare to be terrified by the horrors of your own fears. Oh and mind the step!

images © Andy Paciorek