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Great gifts for your Ghoulfriend or Boofriend this Halloween 3:)
20% Discount on Strange Lands : A Field Guide To The Celtic Otherworld and / or The Human Chimaera: Sideshow Prodigies and Other Exceptional People

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offer valid until end of 12th October 2016

Strange Lands is a deeply researched and richly illustrated information guide to the entities and beasts of Celtic myth & legend and to the many strange beings that have entered the lore of the land through the influence of other cultures and technological evolution.
At nearly 400 pages and featuring over 170 original illustrations, Strange Lands is an essential accompaniment for both the novice and seasoned walkers between worlds.
Foreword by Dr Karl Shuker

Containing over 100 original pen & ink portraits alongside biographic text, The Human Chimaera is an indispensable guide to the greatest stars of the circus sideshows and dime museums.
Includes a foreword by John Robinson of Sideshow World.