The Wyrd Kalendar – The March Mix

It is March and the Hare has come.

Wander the Kalendar Heath with care lest it spy you and hop upon your back to whisper in your ear.

Whilst you wander you will be serenaded by Shirley Collins, Pentangle, Jethro Tull, Iron Maiden, The Carter Family, George Formby, Maddy Prior, Igor Stravinsky, Ozric Tentacles, Noah and the Whale, Abe Lyman, Mark Korven, Anne Briggs and David Cain. Hide behind them as they play so the hare cannot see you.

As you skip from hillock to mound you may hear snatches of the Wyrd Kalendar story for March "The Crucified Hare" written by Chris Lambert and read by Ralf Higgins.

The Wyrd Kalendar book written by Chris Lambert and illustrated by Andy Paciorek is scheduled for publication in October 2017.