Beyond the Forest Radio featuring Rich Blackett

Folk Horror Revival’s very own Rich Blackett will be appearing on Beyond the Forest Radio Show

Beyond The Forest Radio is thrilled and delighted to welcome folklorist Rich Blackett!

Please join your host, Sanjay R Singhal, as he welcomes Rich on Tuesday, 14 March at 7pm CT/8pm ET!

Rich Blackett works for a government agency. He collects books on airships, pre Christian Nordic religions and Proto Indo European history. He has written pseudonymous steampunk fiction, dialect poetry, and assisted the technicians of experimental music group “The Nothing Machine”. He is a member of the outer circle of administrators for the Folk Horror Revival Facebook group.

Rich will be discussing the history and legends of the wolfman and werewolves throughout England and Europe, and their possible relatives (cryptozoologically speaking, of course) in the Americas!

The chatroom will be open for listeners’ questions and comments, throughout the show!

To listen to the show, CLICK ON THIS LINK:
(Leaving Facebook)