New Years Horrors : Order of the Double Denim


Well apart from Mark Almond and Michael Morpurgo looks like Queen Liz got her gongs wrong again …soooo in Honour of service to Folk Horror Revival, folk horror and nearby grazing fields, we present our New Year Horrors list …

Welcome to The Order of Double Denim
Arise Sirs and Dames … –

Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band
Adam Scovell
Elaine Edmunds of Decadent Drawing
Adam Nevill
Reece Shearsmith
Julianne Regan
Matt Wingett
Mark Goodall director of Holy Terrors
Grey Malkin
Scott Lyall
Paul Guernsey
Robert Curran (Dr Bob)
Sara Dennis
Ashley Thorpe director of Borley Rectory
Candia McKormack of Inkubus Sukkubus
John Linwood Grant
Rebecca Denniff
Kt Mehers of the Folk Horror Revival Emporium
George Firth
George Cromack
Sally-Anne Huxtable
Steve Cannell of the Midnight Mugs
Andrew Pattenden of Hare and Tabor
Bob Fischer
Kit Lewis
Neil Snowdon
Murdo Eason
Christopher Josiffe & Gef the talking mongoose
Andy Roberts
Tim Turnbull
Phil Breach
Chris Lambert of the Black Meadow
Stephen Brotherstone & Dave Lawrence – Scarred for Life
Pongo the Skunk

Also Big Thanks to All FHR Admins, Jonas Hasall, Dan Hunt, Cat Irving, Louse Mitchell, The Mother of Crows, Leásungspell: A Fool’s Tale, La Rosa Hotel, Summerhall, Sharron Kraus, English Heretic, Pye Corner Audio, Esk Audio Ltd, The Soulless Party, The Psychogeographical Commission, Ian Rankin, Ghost Box, Folklore Tapes, The Whitby Bookshop, The Flash Mummer’s Play, Mackie, The Met Lounge & Ballroom, Pagan Dawn magazine, Shindig magazine, Fortean Times, The Hepworth Wakefield, Lintons Printers and to Erin Christina Sorrey again for putting up with my varied woes and bursts of enthusiasm for Folk Horror Revival again over the year.

In Memoriam ~ Rick Parfitt. John Hurt. Richard Adams of Watership Down. Geoffrey Bayldon / The Crowman / Catweazle. George A. Romero. Miguel Ferra. Carol Lee Scott / Grotbags. Adam West / Batman. Peter Sallis. Michael Bond. John Noakes. Deborah Watling. Hywel Benett . Brent Briscoe. Keith Chegwin. Rodney Bewes. Michael Parkes. Leo Baxendale. Jonathan Demme. Warren Frost. Fats Domino. Chris Cornell. Malcolm Young. The Log Lady. Zephyr 🖤
And all others who have passed into the Choir Invisible. R.I.P

New Year Horrors List
-2016 -17