The Wytch Hunters’ Manual

“Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” or so ’tis said. Within the binding of this hallowed tract, thy shalt findeth the means to cleanse the world of the maleficent curse that the devil, his imps and minions have issued. Praise be. Finding its way into the hands of Dr Bob Curran and Andy Paciorek, Wyrd Harvest Press now bring to the eyes of a modern readership the remaining fragments of the ancient, once thought forever-lost, book, ‘The Wytch Hunters’ Manual’. Within its pages can be found details of the tomes and tools that should be at the disposal of all professional witch-hunters as well as biographies of notable finders and prickers and their notable foes both earthly and hellish.

Written by Dr. Bob Curran. Illustrated by Andy Paciorek

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