New Year Horrors List


As the Queen and Government have messed up a bit with their New Year’s Honours (Doddy ok fair enough but Posh Spice?? ) we here at FHR are doing our own Honours list for New Year (and we may very well do one at Summer Solstice or sometime else also, )

So We are delivering ODD honours (Order of the Double Denim) to the following -firstly some of those who have passed …

Posthumous acclaim to ~
Robin Hardy
Christopher Lee
Peter Vaughan
Colin Wilson

Amongst the living our Thanks to the following Honorary presences for their great support to FHR and / or the fantastic work they do in our sphere of interests. 🙂 So stand up (or sit down whatever is comfier … Sir or Dame …)
Alan Lee
Bob Beagrie
Caroline Wise
Richard Littler at Scarfolk Council
Roger Linney
Julia Jeffrey
Gary Lachman
Eamon Byers
Ramsey Campbell
Becca Thorne
Sharron Kraus
Shirley Collins
Iain Sinclair

Special Thanks of Support go to ~
Christina Oakley Harrington @ Treadwells
Geraldine and Bali Beskin @ Atlantis
Viktor Wynd @ The Last Tuesday Society
Steve Toase
Nick Brown
Tom Oldham and Nathaniel Metcalf @ the Folk Horror Film Club
To all the Administrators and Moderators of FHR
and a personal Thank You to Erin Christina Sorrey for the support and inspiration given to me (Andy P. )


The Art of Becca Thorne



Folk Horror Revival are very happy to have had the poster for our first event at the British Museum designed for us by illustrator Becca Thorne.

The majority of her illustration work is linocut, hand-burnished using a teaspoon in place of a printing press.

Originally from the ancient Forest of Dean on the England/Wales border, she studied BA and MA Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts on the south Cornwall coast, graduating in 2004/05 respectively. She has been a full-time illustrator since 2008.

Repeat clients include BBC History Magazine, The Folio Society and National Trust Books. she has also worked with Kyle Books, Sight & Sound Magazine, Canongate Books, HarperCollins, The Earth Island Journal, eatbigfish, Compassionate Dorset, YSC, GQ, Continuum Books, phd, Anchor Canada, Rugby Borough Council and many more.




All artwork and text adapted from website  © Becca Thorne 2008-2016.

Please do not use any work without permission, it makes the copyright goblins very angry.