21st Century Ghost Stories


This great anthology gathers award-winning work by contemporary short-fiction writers from around the world, all of whom drew their inspiration from the supernatural. Each of these fine authors, puts their own thought-provoking, 21st century spin on the paranormal— there are ghosts, but also gods and demons,doppelgangers, shape-shifters, hallucinations & dreams. These 29 stories are chilling, or funny, or a bit of both, and they all will continue to turn in your imagination long after you’ve finished reading them.

Edited by Paul Guernsey. Illustrated by Andy Paciorek

Tales by Ridge Carpenter, Barry Charman, Kristin J. Cooper, CL Dalkin, Dessa, Janice Egry, Rebecca Emanuelsen, Gene Bryan Johnson, Carie Juettner, Kevin McCarthy, Mindy McGinnis, Petra McQueen, Emma Murtagh, Melanie Napthine, Kurt Newton, Robert Perchan, John Reaves, Stuart Riding, Rebecca Ring, A.J. Rutgers, Scott Loring Sanders, JL Schneider, Matthew Stephen Sirois, Maura Stanton, Daniel Soule, Lisa Taddeo, Ailsa Thom, Rachel Wyman

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