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Andy Paciorek – Books

Andy Paciorek is a graphic artist, drawn mainly to the worlds of myth, folklore, symbolism, decadence, curiosa, anomaly, dark romanticism and otherworldly experience. He is fascinated both by the beautiful and the grotesque and the twilight threshold consciousness where these boundaries blur. The mist-gates, edges and liminal zones where nature borders supernature and daydreams and nightmares cross paths are of great inspiration.

Books currently available from the Andy Paciorek Blurb bookstore Lands is a deeply researched and richly illustrated information guide to the entities and beasts of Celtic myth & legend and to the many strange beings that have entered the lore of the land through the influence of other cultures and technological evolution.At nearly 400 pages and featuring over 170 original illustrations, Strange Lands is an essential accompaniment for both the novice and seasoned walkers between worlds.

The following text from the foreword to Strange Lands by Dr Karl Shuker ~

“Right from a child, I have always been fascinated by mythology and folklore, especially the rich corpus originating in the British Isles, and I have read very extensively on the subject. However, I can say in all honesty that Strange Lands is one of the most comprehensive single volumes on British mythological entities that I have ever encountered. Even Dr Katharine M. Briggs’s essential tome, A Dictionary of Fairies, universally acclaimed as the standard work on such beings, now has a rival in terms of the sheer diversity of examples documented. And where Strange Lands effortlessly outpoints even that classic work is of course in its illustrations, which are truly breathtaking in their beauty, intricacy, and vibrancy”
Containing over 100 original pen & ink portraits alongside biographic text, The Human Chimaera is an indispensable guide to the greatest stars of the circus sideshows and dime museums. Includes a foreword by John Robinson of Sideshow World.

Imagery drawn by Andrew L. Paciorek from the mind of Andreea V. Balcan.

80 pages illustrated throughout, Symbiosis brings together the Balcan~Paciorek experimental projects exploring language, emotions and alchemy – ‘Pandemonium Vaudeville’, ‘The Anomalous Lexicon’ and ‘Conjunctio Oppositorum’.

Available in a choice of 3 cover formats and also as an e-book for iPad / iPhone.

Coming soon-ish …

Black Earth: A Field Guide to the Slavic Otherworld …

Andy Paciorek is also the creator of Folk Horror Revival

In addition to the books mentioned above, Andy has also produced work for other books including some of Harper Collin’s Element Encyclopedia & Art For mindfulness titles and the charity book project Cumbrian Cthulhu.

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