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Wyrd Harvest Press is dedicated to creating quality works that reflect the breadth of lore and narrative in the Folk Horror genre.

100% of all profits from sales of Wyrd Harvest books purchased from our Lulu shop will be charitably donated to environmental, wildlife and community projects undertaken by The Wildlife Trusts.

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Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies - Second Edition    Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads  Otherworldly: Folk Horror Revival at the British Museum    21st Century Ghost Stories

The Wytch Hunters' Manual    The Carnival Of Dark Dreams

Folk Horror Revival: Harvest Hymns. Volume I- Twisted Roots    Folk Horror Revival: Harvest Hymns. Volume II - Sweet Fruits

North    This Game of Strangers

Hares In The Moonlight           Wyrd Kalendar


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Note: Folk Horror Revival and Wyrd Harvest Press ideally wanted to remain as apolitical as possible, but following threats and abuse received by a friend and associate from individuals who were trying to appropriate her work and project name for xenophobic nationalistic purposes, in support to her we have decided to nail our flag to the mast and state our clear and solid opposition to ideologies, actions and individuals that express bigotry and hate towards others because of their race, religion, culture, gender, sexuality, age, physical health and cultural or personal identity.
Folk Horror Revival is Against Fascism!!
Folk Horror Revival is in support of celebrating the folklore, folk custom and costumes of all cultures – not labeling such as ‘horror’ or for exploitative cause but to display our appreciation of and interest in different cultural aesthetic expression and for educational and inspirational purposes.