Wyrd Harvest Press: Charity Donation – Winter 2018

The winter 2018 charity handover from the profits of Wyrd Harvest Press / Folk Horror Revival books has now been made. Congratulations to Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust who receive £500.00 for their Save the Meadows Appeal

In thanks to our donation, we have been given the chance to name a newborn lamb in April (yes I have requested a black one) so we will be asking then (Not Now) for name suggestions and we will put a short-list to a poll on the group

Thank you for voting and Thank You especially for buying our books. We will continue to charitably donate the sales profits we receive for our books quarterly to the Wildlife Trusts, and we have more great books coming in 2019, so please continue to stock your bookshelves with our quality books with the extra bonus of helping biodiversity and natural habitats

Wyrd Harvest Press: Charity Donation – Summer Solstice 2018

midsummer 2018

Every quarter, Wyrd Harvest Press mark the movement of the year by donating the sales profits from our online shop to a different Wildlife Trusts’ environmental project. Each individual is chosen by a poll on the Folk Horror Revival Facebook group.

This Solstice the winner is Yorkshire Wildlife Trust’s Marine Appeal.
They receive a donation of £400.

Thank you to all who voted and / or bought our books

Midsummer 18 – Charity Donation Poll

whplog 1.jpg

Midsummer doth cometh and again time to donate the sales profits from Wyrd Harvest Press / Folk Horror Revival books to our chosen charity The Wildlife Trusts.
Please choose below which specific appeal you would like us to donate to this time. Thank You
Either comment below or join our Facebook Group and vote on and follow the poll there.

To buy our books – http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/andypaciorek
For further information on the environmental projects or to donate directly to a Wildlife Trust appeal –

To contact us – email  – folkhorrorrevival@gmail.com

poll midsummer 18


Spring Solstice: Book Sales Donation 2018

Devenish Diary_Herdwick join Balwen_210116(4)
Happy Spring Equinox !!

To mark the season, Folk Horror Revival / Wyrd Harvest Press are again donating profits from our book sales to a Wildlife Trusts project.

This time Wiltshire Wildlife Trusts Marvellous Meadows project has been voted the lucky recipient by members of our Facebook Group and receive  £501.32

spring 18

spring 18 poll

Our previous donations have been as follows –

total 15 to 17

Should you require further information of the donations email – folkhorrorrevival@gmail.com and / or contact The Wildlife Trusts

To make a donation directly to The Wildlife Trusts

To buy our books – http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/andypaciorek

Thank You to all those who voted and especially to those who bought our books – Enjoy.

Wyrd Harvest Press: Charity Donation – January 2018


For this season’s charity donation of all the profits from sales in our Wyrd Harvest Press online bookstore ( http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/andypaciorek ) we are happy to donate £368 to Sheffield Wildlife Trust’s Hedgehog Hero appeal (as voted for in a poll by members of this group.)
Folk Horror Revival / Wyrd Harvest Press donate all sales profits from their range of very good books to Wildlife Trusts environmental charity projects, 4 times a year (Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies is recommended as essential reading for all fans of folk horror, especially those entering into discussion or posting on the facebook group as it contains essays and interviews with many leading lights of both classic fh and of the ongoing Revival).
A host of intriguing books are planned for 2018 from a diversity of talents.
Thank you to everybody who supported these very worthy causes by buying our books

Wyrd Harvest Press – Charity Donation Midsummer 2017


The votes have been cast and counted. For this season’s charity donation from sales of our books, Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust’s Dormice Hedge Fund is the worthy recipient of £355.78

Thank you to those who voted and especially to those who bought our books. In addition to being damn fine reads and essential items for all fans of folk horror and related fields, every penny of profit from the book sales will continue to be given to different Wildlife Trust environmental projects  

Buy our books here (more titles in planning and production)

Support the Wildlife Trusts also here – http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/appeals


dormice june 17

Top image – photographer unidentified

Vernal Equinox Charity Donation 2017


Happy Springtide to all revivalists 🙂

We are pleased to donate £201.69 from the sales profits of our books on this Vernal Equinox to the Osprey Nesting Appeal by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.
Thank You for voting and Thank You for buying our books. 100% of our book sales profits will continue to be donated quarterly to Wildlife Trusts projects. Please continue to buy our books, several magical new tomes will be released soon and more still in the pipeline.

Books available from – http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/andypaciorek

To donate directly to Wildlife Trusts ‘projects – http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/appeals

image: 19th Century print. Artist unidentified.



FHR Charity Donation – January 2017


To mark the turn of the year, we have again charitably donated the sales profits from our books to different Wildlife Trusts projects as voted for by members of the Folk Horror Revival facebook group.


This time we have donated £530.46 to Devon Wildlife Trust’s Keep Beavers in the Wild Project.

Thank You to all those who voted and especially to those who have purchased our books. Wyrd Harvest Press will be releasing several exciting new tomes in 2017.

Folk Horror Revival: Field StudiesFolk Horror Revival: Corpse RoadsThe Carnival Of Dark Dreams


Christmas on the Black Meadow

A perfect Christmas gift to satisfy all of your Folk Horror Christmas cravings…

Do you see shadows in the mist? Are you stalked by meadow hags? Do you long to play with black stars? Do you crave a darker yule? Then this book could be for you!

It is Christmas on the North York Moors.

The snow sits upon the heather and bramble. The fences around RAF Fylingdales are silent and still. A dense mist grows in the distance. If you listen closely you can hear strange Yuletide chants, the hum of a land sphere and the cackle of a meadow hag.

This collection of Christmas tales from the Black Meadow contains three new Yuletide stories. Experience a beautiful inversion of The Nativity in A Black Meadow Christmas, warm your toes in a tale of matriarchal terror in The Meadow Tree and marvel at the delightful wonders of The Black Star. You will also find details of ideal gifts you could give and games that you can play when visiting the Black Meadow.

With beautiful illustrations by Andy Paciorek and Nigel Wilson, this is a festive treat that will bring joy and fear in equal measure to your Christmas celebrations.

All profits from the sale of this book go to Worldwide Cancer Research.

Click here to buy!

The first year’s Folk Horror Revival donations to the Wildlife Trust

100% of the profits from the sale of Folk Horror Revival/ Wyrd Harvest Press books are donated to the Wildlife Trust special appeals. The money is allocated based on votes cast by members of the FHR Facebook group, with the top two projects each time receiving the money raised split equally between them. There have been four donations to date, all made on the quarter year days of the equinoxes or solstices.

So far, in the first year, the members of FHR have raised the fantastic amount of £6121.28 for the Wildlife Trusts, all from the sale of the three books published so far. There are many more titles planned for the future, and all profits from their sale will continue to be donated to Wildlife Trust special appeals.

Further details of all the projects supported so far can be found at the links below.

The first donation of the sales profits was made on the Winter Solstice of 2015, with a total donation of £1803.38,with each charity receiving £901.69, to the Cheshire Wildlife Trust – Barn Owl project (OvO) and the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust – Hedgehog project.

On the 2016 Spring Equinox the two appeals that received money both happened to be run by the Northumberland Wildlife Trust – the Living Seas project, to improve the quality of the marine environment in the North Sea, and safeguarding the counties Red Squirrels. The amount donated was £771.92 each (£1543.84 in total).

The Summer 2016 Solstice donation was made to a single project run by the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust – Protect the Pollinators appeal to help bees, which received a donation of £687.98.

The most recent donation, of £1046.31 made on the Autumn 2016 Equinox, with £629.10 each to Staffordshire’s Badger Vaccination programme (to prevent culling them for TB control), and Avon Wildlife Trust’s Threatened Butterflies habitat appeal.

A big thanks to everybody who has helped support these projects by buying our books. They are all still available print on demand from here.

And to read more about the various Wildlife Trust projects or to donate directly please visit the Wildlife Trusts Appeals website and read about the excellent work they carry out to conserve the natural environment.

All photos used by kind permission of Neil Philips, check out his website here for many more great photos of British wildlife.