Folk Horror Revival: British Museum Otherworldly (First Reveal)


The first Folk Horror Revival event will be taking place at the British Museum, London on  October 16th 2016, featuring talks, lectures, short films, poetry readings, museum tours and other wyrd and intriguing happenings.

Cult television programmes and films of the 1960s and 70s are inspiring a new generation of poets, writers, artists and musicians with their atmospheric themes of contemporary individuals interacting with a uniquely British world of ancient mythology and magic, often uncanny and unsettling.

This special event will feature lectures, film screenings, performances and gallery tours of featured objects in the Museum’s collection to explore themes of cultural rituals, earth mysteries, psychogeography and folklore. Come along and prepare to be scared!

Ticket details to be announced very shortly.

We can proudly announce that one of the guest speakers will be Gary Lachman.

Gary is an American writer and musician. he is best known to readers of mysticism and the occult from the numerous articles and books he has published – Turn Off Your Mind: The Mystic Sixties and The Dark Side Of The Age of Aquarius (2002), The Dedalus Book of the Occult: A Dark Muse (2004), The Quest For Hermes Trismegistus From Ancient Egypt to the Modern World (2011), Revolutionaries of the Soul: Reflections on Magicians, Philosophers, and Occultists (2014) – He is additionally known to music fans as Gary Valentine one of the founders, and bassist of alternative rock/new wave band Blondie.

Gary will be presenting on Colin Wilson and the Angry Young Outsiders.

Before bursting on the London literary scene with the overnight success of his first book The Outsider in 1956, Colin Wilson spent some months sleeping rough on Hampstead Heath while writing his first no0gvel, Ritual in the Dark by day in the old Reading Room of the British Museum. Wilson was caught up in the media craze around the Angry Young Men, and he suffered from it, when the critics turned on the Angries and Wilson in particular. With a few exceptions, like his 1971 ‘comeback’ book The Occult, for most of his long career, Wilson remained an Outsider, ignored by the cultural establishment, while writing book after book. He died in 2013 at the age of 82. Gary’s talk will be based on his biography of Wilson, Beyond the Robot: The Life and Work of Colin Wilson, which, like a new edition of The Outsider to which he has contributed a new foreword, is published to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of The Outsider’s first publication.

A tribute to Colin Wilson and An Interview with Gary Lachman features in the book        Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies

Also appearing will be Michael Somerset and his new ensemble The Consumptives. Michael is a former member of Clock DVA, has collaborated with Was (Not Was) and I Monster.

He is currently a freelance writer published by BMG and has written a series of short stories and poems accompanied by music and read by Reece Shearsmith, Bat For Lashes, Barry Adamson and numerous other impressive souls.


FHR are proud to announce that The Consumptives (Michael Somerset’s new Gothic Orchestra) will be gracing us with their presence on the 16th. Performing macabre tales set to music (suitable for children and adults), Sylwia D Kittyfly,  Jules Lawrence,  Ozlem Simsek and Michael Somerset will guide us through a labyrinth of supernatural tales accompanied by singing and classic horror soundtrack instruments including theremin and saw.

A selection of Michael’s poetry features in the book Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads

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The Hallowed Halls of Learning: Folk Horror at Cambridge University



On the 7th July 2016, by happenchance the anniversary of Cambridge’s son Syd Barrett, Folk Horror Revivalists Adam Scovell, Andy Sharp, Gary Parsons, Darren Charles and Andy Paciorek were all invited to speak alongside several other interesting chroniclers of the wyrd at the Alchemical Landscapes II symposium at Girton College,  University of Cambridge – the same seat of learning at which  Deliah Derbyshire studied.


The talks given that day were ~

Jo Melvin (Chelsea College of Arts)

Double Exposure: ’pataphysics and the Rural in Barry Flanagan’s Sculptural Practice

Lewis Wynn (University of Cambridge)

The Visual Occulture of Left Fields: Reclaiming the Radical History of Fields in Contemporary English Film

Adam Scovell (Goldsmiths / Celluloid Wicker Man)

Rurality in the Films of David Gladwell

Liberty Rowley (Four Feet Films)

Microgeography and an Exploration of the Magic that can be Found at the Bottom of the Garden

Harry Baker, (London Film School)

Folk Horror and the Mythic Cycle

Gary Parsons (University of East London)

British Witchcraft Documentaries of the 1970s and their Relation to Landscape and Culture

Christopher Josiffe (Independent Researcher)

The Dalby Spook in his Landscape: Gef the Talking Mongoose

(Un) remembered

Andy Paciorek (Wyrd Harvest Press)

Darren Charles (Unearthing Forgotten Horrors)

The Folk Horror Revival

Andy Sharp (English Heretic)
Video Anxieties

Marc Atkins and Rod Mengham (Sounding Pole Films)

The Fields of England

Folk Horror Revival would like to thank Yvonne Salmon and James Riley for their interest and enthusiasm in our various work and the kind hospitality they showed.
We thoroughly enjoyed the day and all the talks and look forward to more symposiums to come.

Keep watching the horizon …


Photos: Andy Paciorek. Except third image by Yvonne Salmon